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The Texas Turnabout

In July of 2021 I flew to a quintessential Texas town filled with sweet people and hospitality wrapped around every block. It was a trip to visit friends and explore potential opportunities. Like many of you, our family has considered leaving the Golden State for more affordable living and new horizons. Ultimately, I returned home to Temecula to reflect on my purpose and direction.

For 17+ years my family and I have crisscrossed the Temecula Valley enjoying many good things and good people. We've spent hours in parks, ball fields, schools and churches. This community has been a beautiful place to raise a family and enjoy meaningful work. Pivoting would mean leaving so much of our history.

It's not time to leave. These are our roots and it's time to stand up for what we believe in.

I am running for the TVUSD School Board because I want to give back and serve as an advocate for you, the parents. I will defend your choice and academic excellence. I'll support outstanding educators and age- appropriate curriculum. I will bring fresh perspective with determination to represent your best interests. I'll strategize for methods of protecting our children. There's so much to talk about. I look forward to blogging weekly about the things that matter most.

With your help, we can make changes for the better. I would be honored to have your support as I campaign this season. Would you help me knock on doors, raise funds and spread the news on social media?

Everything might be bigger in Texas, but there's NO place like our hometown.

Temecula has my heart.


Endorsed by Sheriff Chad Bianco 

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