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To all those who have walked through life's challenges...

I see you.

- Jen Wiersma


As a dedicated wife and mother of three, my values are founded on faith, family and freedom. As a school board member, I plan to partner with people embracing diplomacy and respect. I've spent my life inspiring young people to pursue their goals and accept responsibility with humility and principled thinking. In recent years, I have been privileged to work with some of the finest charter schools in the state of California while coordinating specialized educational events. 


One of my greatest challenges occurred during the pandemic was being diagnosed with cancer — which I battled with chemotherapy, surgery, and lifestyle changes that continue to guide and shape my daily perspective. Currently cancer-free and grateful for each new day I am given, I thank God for granting me a renewed sense of direction and purpose, which ultimately led me to pursing the TVUSD Trustee Area 3 position. It is my goal to give back to this Valley that has blessed our family with some of the finest teachers, coaches, pastors, business owners and neighbors. 


I believe hard work and personal accountability are needed more than ever as we face the challenges of improving our schools, improvement which will ultimately result in vital and healthy communities.


I am honored to have the opportunity to represent Temecula Valley families with competence and integrity. 


2023 will be the "Year of the Parent."


Let's do this!



Endorsed by Sheriff Chad Bianco 

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