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After a prolonged controversial battle, the Temecula Valley Unified School District’s trustees unanimously agreed to adopt the TCI history curriculum, exclude a controversial chapter and develop a replacement chapter. This is a big win for the importance of local control and democracy in action!

Open textbook

The drama was heightened when Governor Newsom overstepped his authority and tried to override the school district’s authority by forcing the board to adopt a curriculum that included controversial figures like Harvey Milk who had a long term sexual relationship with a minor and the Gay Liberation Front that supported sex with minors.

Newsom publicly threatened to deliver the curriculum to the district and override the vote of the board. He backed down because he didn’t have the authority to overstep the board’s local control. The majority of the school board held their ground and proceeded with the adoption process.

After considering all options, the board unanimously voted to proceed with the TCI curriculum and exclude Chapter 11 in the Fourth-grade curriculum, due to the inclusion of Harvey Milk and other controversial figures who will not be in the curriculum. Furthermore, the board agreed to rewrite the curriculum to include LGBT persons who were recognized for their many contributions to society.

The board demonstrated that districts have the authority to write, develop, and locally adopt their own curriculum. It demonstrates the power of local people with heartstrings tied to the community doing their part to meet the needs of our local kids.

Children with textbooks

Many in the community cheered as the board came together to do what is best for the kids.

All of the board members showed remarkable character and stamina as they worked together to prioritize the students' needs over the demand of politics. Now is a time to come together to heal and move forward as a community.

It is critical to maintain local control by defeating AB 1078 which centralizes power in Sacramento not close to home. Contract your Senator and Representative to say NO to AB 1078. California Family Council | Ask Your Assembly Member to "Vote NO" on AB 1078, which seeks to combat parents who want to get rid of CRT curriculum and pornographic books from school libraries (


Endorsed by Sheriff Chad Bianco 

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