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The Recall Rebuttal

The teachers’ union and outside activists are NOT telling the truth. This is an attack on YOU, the voter. My response to all recall claims will be kept up to date here on

I am STILL committed to:

• Demanding Strong NEW District Leadership

• Championing Parental Rights

• Advocating for Academic Excellence

• Strengthening Parent-School Partnerships

• Standing for Truth and Transparency

Our students WILL have social studies curriculum this fall. Unwarranted hysteria resulted when administrative leadership failed to communicate facts or internally resolve issues. This deceived the public and fueled false narratives.

Creating neutral classrooms without divisive ideology and activism remains a top priority in our district. Students should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. I support teaching all history in its entirety.

I am committed to a robust curriculum devoid of sexualized topics in K-5 Classrooms. I am against any form of vulgarity, obscenity, pornography, and erotica in our school materials or textbooks. We should be striving for back-to-basics education, not indoctrination.

Parents have a fundamental role in making decisions about their children’s education and voted overwhelmingly for change and administrative accountability.

Hold the line for your kids! Common Sense MUST prevail.


Endorsed by Sheriff Chad Bianco 

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